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Automotive Ancillaries Ltd. was established in 1989 and one of the fist five hundred companies in the Jebel Ali free Zone, Dubai, UAE. As a leading manufacturer of Leaf Springs and Distributor of Air compressor, Electric Air Compressor, Portable air Compressor, Fiber Optic cable Blowing air compressor, Car workshop compressor & Auto spare. ATMOS Compressors are Made in Czech Republic. We supply compressors for all your Compressed Air Needs. AAL is leading supplier of air compressor in UAE. ATMOS Range of air compressors are for Various Industries. from 35 CFM-850 CFM, powered, by the world’s best robust Engines is widely used in the Cement Industry, Road and Building Construction, Oil & Gas, Sewage systems construction, Airfields, Marine, Airports, Sand blasting and many more where compressed air provides the best solution. We offer a wide range of Electric (Stationary) Air Compressors from 4KW-160KW, widely used in the General Industry, Rubber, Pharma, Food, Beverage, Textile, and Packaging Industries. aal.ae is prestigious air compressor dealers in Dubai. We provide the best solution for Optic fiber Cable blowing solutions which are powered by 5G Compressors. These Air Compressor are used for Fiber Optic cable blowing. We offer ATMOS Air compressor range is for Automotive Car Workshops. We offer Piston and Screw Air compressor. These Air compressor are heart of Paint booths.

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our Organization.

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