Screw Air Compressors for Car workshops and Industries : ALBERT

Albert air compressors are designed for a wide range of applications, from large craft workshops to small to medium-sized industrial enterprises. Their power range (4 kW - 22 kW) and their equipment (air receiver, integrated dryer, compressed air filter) make them suitable for installations in small to medium-sized workshops. The basic building block of the Albert air compressors is a robust slow-running screw block directly connected to the motor and cooling fan. This design guarantees high efficiency, reliability, very low noise and low vibration. The air compressors can be supplied in a Standard version without a body or in a Comfort version with a sheet metal body on a horizontal or, for the E.50 K and E.65 K models, a vertical air receiver. The machine operation is controlled either by a pressure switch or by the modern LOGIK 26-S control unit. The Vario machines are equipped with a Danfoss frequency converter.


high efficiency
direct connection between block and motor
energy-saving cooling system
reliability achieved by reducing the number of components
very low vibration
long service life due to compact design
low noise level due to low speed


 electric motor rated power [kW]overpressure [bar]rated air delivery [m³/min]air receiver [l]air receiver type
Albert E.39
Albert E.50
Albert E.50-10
Albert E.50 K
Albert E.50 KV
Albert E.65
7,510 / 121,0 / 0,8270horizontal
Albert E.65 K
Albert E.65 KV
Albert E.80 Vario
7,56 - 91,5 / 1,1270horizontal
Albert E.95
Albert E.95-10
Albert E.100 Vario
116 - 101,85 - 1,13270 (500)horizontal
Albert E.110
Albert E.120 Vario
136 - 92,25 - 1,8500 (270)horizontal
Albert E.140
158 / 10 / 132,7 / 2,3 / 2,0500 (900)horizontal
Albert E.150 Vario
156 - 102,36 - 1,55500 (270)horizontal
Albert E.170
18,58 / 10 / 132,9 / 2,7 / 2,4500 (900)horizontal
Albert E.220 Vario
206 - 103,3 - 1,84500 (270)horizontal
Albert E.222
228 / 10 / 133,6 / x / x500horizontal