The new PDP20 Air compressor for fibre optic cable blowing

• The PDP20 is powered by the new Perkins diesel engine 403J-11, that is emission Stage V compliant.
• Free air delivery is 1,9 m³ / minute, at a working pressure of 14 bar. This is sufficient for jetting cables into pipes with internal diameter of 20 mm or more. An integrated aftercooler with condensate drain provides dry air for jetting.
• The integrated pressure reduction valve reduces operating pressure to 7 bar, so that compressed air moles can be driven. • Having standard air outlets with different pressures, or a pressure regulation, can be convenient but also dangerous. If an operator connects a mole to a 14 bar outlet, this will destroy the mole. Therefore, while the high pressure 14 bar outlet is a Lüdecke ¾’’ quick coupling, the 7 bar outlets are classic Lüdecke claw couplings.
• An external 20 m hose reel for a 7 bar outlet is optional, as well as various winter packages. We can configure the compressor for your application.
• The PDP20’s weight is considerable < 750 kg, so it can be towed as an unbraked version.
• It can also be supplied with optional hose reel (20 m / ¾’’).
• Perfect solution for fibre optic infrastructure.

• Our new PDP20 is the ideal combination of high and low pressure for different applications. Customers need only 1 machine for moles and microcable jet, untilnow 2 compressors were necessary.
• All Atmos compressors are tailored to our customers‘ special applications, therefore we can install all possible options.