Compressors for fibre optic cable blowing

Welcome to our comprehensive range of compressors designed specifically for fiber optic cable blowing applications. Our cutting-edge compressors are engineered to deliver optimal performance, ensuring seamless installation of fiber optic cables in various environments. With advanced technology and precise control, our compressors offer efficiency, reliability, and versatility, enabling smooth operations for telecom and network infrastructure projects.
Experience unparalleled quality and performance with our compressors, backed by industry-leading expertise and support. Explore our range today and elevate your fiber optic cable blowing experience to new heights.


Years of Expericence

Cable blowing is the process of installing cables with optical fibres through an underground duct with compressed air. Fibre optic cable blowing is used around the globe because it saves enormous costs by trenchless operation, high productivity of up to 4 km distance with a single unit or 12 km by tandem operations.

We are specialists in this field, where we thrive to become market leader by offering a dedicated machine for every application. With a tailored combination of air delivery, pressure and air quality for all cable and duct diameters and distances.

Types of Compressors

Very Small Optical fibre cable blowing Air Compressors

It is driven by a 3 hp Robin petrol engine, air intake is 270 l/min* and free airdelivery is 76 l/min @ 10 bar.

Small Optical fibre cable blowing Air Compressors

It is driven by a 23 hp B+S petrol engine, free air delivery is 1.3 m³/min @ 10 bar and 1 m³/min @ 14 bar.

Medium Optical fibre cable blowing Air Compressors

These are the most compact & lightweight machines on the market withonly 140 kg, that fit into a car boot and guarantee highest flexibility

Large Optical fibre cable blowing Air Compressors

Free air delivery is 1,9 m³ / minute, at a working pressure of 14 bar. This is sufficient for jetting cables into pipes with internal diameter of 20 mm or more.