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Different type of Air Compressors

Prepared by: Automotive Ancillaries Ltd., Ashish Vohra

Air compressors are used for various applications. Hence based on different applications, Air compressors are manufactured to adapt to requirements.

Types of Air compressors:

  1. Portable compressor or Mobile compressor or Towable Road compressor or Diesel compressor

Portable compressors are used where there is no source of electricity. These are used in remote locations. In Mobile compressors power is provided by Diesel engines which are mounted along with screw compressors.

Various industry application of Towable Road compressors is:

Oil & Gas industry, Construction industry, Mining, Airports, Sewage system

  1. Industrial compressor or Electric compressor or Screw compressor or Stationary compressor

Electric air compressors are used where in power source is there. These air compressors are used for Manufacturing industries, Automotive industry, Brewery, Cement industry, Chemical and Petrochemicals, Fertilizer manufacturing, Glass manufacturing, Hospitals, Mining, Power generation, Textiles, Wastewater treatment

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