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Prepared by: Mr. Pradeep Kumar

Most people don't think a lot about compressed air as they go about their daily lives. However, it's used in a lot of applications all around. It is impossible to overstate the pivotal role compressed air and industrial compressors play in the global economy.

Used in almost every industry, compressed air is widely considered the fourth utility, after water, electricity, and natural gas.

Compressed air is also used by a wide range of professionals – from car mechanics to dentists.

Here are some application of compressed air :

  • Spray finishing equipment — To vaporize paint to be applied to components and products.
  • Air operated tools — Air tools are preferred to electric tools as they are light and easy to handle.
  • Air operated lifting equipment — Air hoists are used for a multitude of lifting operations.
  • Shot blasting — Air is used to propel grit or shot for blasting and cleaning operations.
  • Cooling & heating — Air is used in a vortex tube to create hot and cold air volumes for industrial heating and cooling processes.
  • Cleaning — Air is used for cleaning processes in manufacturing facilities.

Industries need compressed air :-

  • General manufacturing – Clamping, stamping, tool powering and cleaning, controls and actuators.
  • Furniture manufacturing – Air piston powering, tool powering, clamping, spraying, controls and actuators.
  • Plastics, silicone, and rubber manufacturing – Mold press powering, tool powering, clamping, and forming, injection moulding.
  • Metal Fabrication – Assembly station powering, controls and actuators, injection mouldings, tool powering, and spraying.
  • Glass, Stone, Clay – Conveying, blending, mixing, controls and actuators, glass blowing and moulding, cooling.
  • Mining – Hoists, pumps, pneumatic tools controls, and actuators.
  • Food and Beverages – Dehydration, bottling, controls, actuators, conveying, spraying coatings, cleaning, vacuum packing.
  • Automation: Pressurized air powers automated assembly lines and pneumatic robots in manufacturing facilities.
  • Assembly Lines: Various hand-held and stationary air-powered tools used on the assembly line (such as screwdrivers, nail guns, impact wrenches and other tools) use compressed air.
  • Material Handling: Compressed air is often used in vacuum lifters, roller coasters, slide gates and pneumatic conveyor systems on the production line to move raw materials, parts or finished goods.
  • Painting: Spray painting equipment utilizes compressed air to atomize paint, providing an even coating on products for both protective and aesthetic purposes.
  • Cooling processes: In machining processes that generate significant heat, compressed air is used to cool down the workpiece or cutting tool.
    Packaging: Compressed air operates machines that seal, label, and package goods for shipping.
  • Plastics: Compressed air is used to inflate soft plastics in blow moulding and for other processes such as thermoforming, injection moulding and extrusion.
  • Filter Pulsing: Industrial dust collectors and air filtration systems often use compressed air to pulse excess dust-off filters and extend filter life.
  • Fermentation: Pressurized air may be used for sparging (bubbling) in industrial aerobic fermentation processes.
  • Control systems: Industrial compressors and air compressor systems are used to operate automated valves cylinders and actuators in industrial systems.
  • Air curtains: Pressurized air may be used in an industrial setting to maintain an air curtain to regulate temperatures or maintain clean areas in manufacturing plants.
  • Cleaning processes: Compressed air is sometimes used for cleaning processes, for example to air clean food products or electronics.

How to Choose the Right Air Compressor for Your Needs

After your calculations, you can determine how big of an air compressor you need. To choose among the various air compressor sizes, make these considerations:

1. Air Pressure

Understanding your maximum required operating pressure helps you select a compressor size. The highest PSI requirement for your tools or machinery will determine what you'll select for your air compressor.

2. CFM Requirements

The larger your application, the higher CFM you'll need. By considering all the tools you use at once and increasing their total CFM ratings by 30%, you'll have a buffer that can accommodate factors such as leaks or added tools. Whenever you run more than one air tool or piece of machinery at once, you'll want to ensure the total CFM requirements do not exceed what your compressor can provide.

3. Horsepower

While larger horsepower (HP) does not always equate to a more powerful compressor, it is a factor worth considering. A higher HP often means the air compressor can power heavy workloads

4. Air Capacity and Tank Size

Physical size matters most when it comes to your compressor's tank size. As an industrial operation, your facility will likely require a large tank size. Compressors that have larger tanks and suitable motors provide higher levels of air pressure for sustained periods. Larger tanks require fewer duty cycles, meaning your teams can continue working with little downtime. Because your facility will likely need a larger air compressor tank, keep your space limitations in mind.

5. Duty Cycle

Duty cycles describe a compressor's on-off cycle. Off-time is a momentary drop in pressure when the compressor is recharging. For applications that require bursts of air, off-time is acceptable

You may also see the duty cycle described in active-idle time. A 70/30 duty cycle means the compressor is active for 70% of the time it's powered on.

6. Compressor Style

Other than size or air pressure and supply values, you'll have various compressor designs to choose from:

  • Oil-free compressors: Choose oil-free air compressors if you require a contaminant-free yet steady power supply.
  • Centrifugal compressors: This dynamic air compressor option turns kinetic energy into high air pressure and is suitable for clean environments.
  • Rotary screw compressors: Rotary screw compressors are cost-effective and have little maintenance needs, and they're beneficial for 24/7 operations and continuous air needs.
  • Reciprocating compressors: Facilities of all sizes can use reciprocating air compressors, and these units can supply more pressure than other models.

Automotive Ancillaries Ltd. is based in Dubai, UAE and official dealer for ATMOS Industrial Air Compressors.

ATMOS Industrial Air Compressors are efficient screw compressors of all our product lines Albert, SEC, Smartronic and Smartronic Ultra meet the demands of modern industrial production without fail.

ATMOS Industrial Air Compressors are made in Czech Republic. ATMOS Industrial Air compressors have below special features:


  • EU Specifications: CE Certified
  • Made in EU
  • Compact - small
  • Proven and reliable
  • Modern control unit with Atmos Care protection
  • Remote management of compressors
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Possibility to control multiple compressors


Conclusion: -

Today, industrial compressors are just as important as steam engines were during the industrial revolution. Without them, most manufacturing plants across the globe would stand still. After all, about one-third of the energy a typical factory consumes is related to compressed air. But compressed air is not just needed in production facilities.


They are become very vital part of industries nowadays. Please give us chance to assist you with all of your compressed air needs.

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