Stationary Air Compressor/ Electrical Compressor/Screw Air Compressor

Stationary Air Compressor must meet stringent criteria including continuous operation capability, reliability, and high efficiency in compressed air production. ATMOS engineers meticulously scrutinizes every technical aspect during the design phase to fulfill these requirements. As a result, ATMOS screw air compressors across all product lines—Albert, SEC, Smartronic, and Smartronic Ultra—consistently meet the demands of contemporary industrial production.

Types of Products


The SEC series air compressors are renowned for their robust design margin in critical components, tailored to excel in diverse industrial settings. Special attention is devoted to ensuring vibration resistance, achieved by suspending both the sturdy independent frame and the compressor assembly within a soundproof steel housing. This design guarantees long-term rigidity, ensuring machine reliability. These stationary air compressors stand out for their exceptional performance in minimizing noise levels, achieved through body soundproofing and the utilization of low-speed screw blocks driven by multi-groove flat "Multi V" belts. Equipped with a modern LOGIK 26-S control unit, SEC air compressors offer efficient operation. Vario models feature a Danfoss frequency converter, while remote air compressor management is also available, enabling internet connectivity for remote monitoring and parameter adjustment, enhancing operational flexibility.


Smartronic air compressors, ranging from 30kW to 110kW, are oil-lubricated and air-cooled screw air compressors renowned for their robustness. A hallmark feature of Smartronic air compressors is the substantial power reserve within all key components, ensuring optimal efficiency and machine reliability. These air compressors are managed by the LOGIK 26-S unit, while the Vario models boast a Danfoss frequency converter. An extensive array of accessories, including a master control system, heat exchangers, and remote air compressor management capabilities, is available. This facilitates internet connectivity for remote monitoring and adjustment of basic parameters, enhancing operational convenience.